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Supplement to the structural research of the Barrande’s Rock (Lower Devonian, Central Bohemia)


Pavel Röhlich

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 34–38
Map sheets: Zbraslav (12-42)

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Additional data concerning the Barrande's Rock structure (Praha Hlubocepy) have been collected in order to elucidate the relation between the Lochkovand Praha formations. The performed test pit has not exposed the respective contact; nevertheless, the accomplished new observations support a local angular unconformity. The fold axes plunging in a wide range 25-55° W to SW are mostly oblique to the axis of the Prague Synclinorium. The intense folding also involves the Kotys Limestone (biosparite) which behaved competently during the Variscan orogeny: this is the main indication of a synsedimentary origin of folds.