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The Pleistocene Molluscan faunas from Remeniny-village (Nízke Beskydy, East Slovakia)


Ján Herčár, Jiří Kovanda

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 213–218

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A section in Pleistocene slope sediments was compiled on the Remeniny locality, on the base of the fluvial horizon. In the superposition there were two locations with a typical, very cold loess malacofaunas located above the transportioned calcific sediments, containing evolved inter-glacial molluscs population of 55 species with the leading Drobacia banatica, and taxon Vestia gulo, discovered in the Slovak Pleistocene for the first time. The locality provides new data concerning development of the youngest Pleistocene in the south part of Nizke Beskydy Mts. area.