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Ca-Ba-Mn fissure mineralization related to the marble body north of Záblatí near Prachatice, South Bohemia


Veronika Štědrá

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 197–201
Map sheets: Volary (32-12)

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Several minor lenses of dolomitic marble were documented during the detailed geological mapping of the sheet 32-122 Zbytiny (South Bohemia). One of them is located to the north of Záblatí. It is composed of dolomitic marble enclosed in refoliated biotite-cordierite migmatites of the Moldanubian Unit. Accessory silicate mineral assemblage phlogopite-forsterite-clinohumite-chlorite in marble is described, together with young Alpine-type low-temperature fissure mineralization bearing pink clinozoisite, quartz, prehnite, calcite, and K-Ba-feldspars. The mineralogical locality presented is one of historical remnants of mining activities in the region.