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Jacutingaite, palladian gold and Pd-selenide in the copper ore from Carboniferous sediments by Košťálov near Semily (Krkonoše Piedmont Bassin, Czech Republic)


Jan Malec, František Veselovský, Vlasta Böhmová, Vladimír Prouza

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 189–193
Map sheets: Semily (03-41)

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Very small grains of Au-, Ag-, Pd-, Pt-, Hg- and Se-minerals occure in the thin layer of chalcocite ore situated in the siltstone bed inside formation of conglomerates. The ore associates with carbonified fragments of plants. Chalcocite ore is formed by some minerals Cu2S - CuS suite (mainly djurleite, roxbyite, anilite) and is partly oxidized (malachite, brochantite, langite). The grains of PGE-minerals occure in little fissures and microscopic druse cavities of malachite and brochantite. They are nearly the youngest in the mineral assemblage.