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Radon index classification based on the maximum of radon concentration – alternatives and resulting solution


Ivan Barnet, Petra Pacherová

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 151–155

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The approved method of radon index classification (building site assessment) uses the 3rd quartile of soil gas radon data set as an input parameter for classification table. The research activities performed during 2008-2010 period confirmed a good correlation of maximum radon concentration in datasets with indoor radon concentration in generalised rock types. Three alternatives were considered to evaluate the possible influence on radon data compatibility with existing database, when using the maximum soil gas radon concentration instead of the 3rd quartile of dataset as an input parameter into the classification table. The first alternative suggested using the maximum and classification ranges multiplied by factor 1.5 (mean ratio of maximum/3rd quartile in all rock types of the Czech Republic). The second and third alternatives come from the original classification table plus applying the maximum radon concentration incases of exceeding the ratio maximum/3rd quartile twofold resp. threefold. The third alternative (threefold) was accepted for novelized building site assessment after the expert reviewing of the State Office for Nuclear Safety.