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Fossil fauna of the Třenice Formation (Ordovician, Tremadocian) from Cheznovice (SW part of the Barrandian area)


Michal Mergl

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 139–143
Map sheets: Hořovice (12-34)

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An association of fossils from the upper part of the Třenice Formation in the locality S to Cheznovice village (SW part ofthe Barrandian) is described and analysed. The association consists of lingulate brachiopod genera Rosoboius, Siphonobolus, Leptemboion, Acrotreta and Dactylotreta, orthide brachiopods Apheoorthina, Eoorthis, and numerous but poorly preserved remains of trilobites. The association shows certain affinity to the fossils association known from the abandoned iron ore "V Ouzkém" near Holoubkov. The mode of preservation indicates that a selective diagenetic destroy of calcific shells is important in evaluation oforiginal biodiversity.