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The PC-generated 3D modelling in the palaeontology – an advantage of the new approach


Martin Lisec, Petr Budil, Oldřich Fatka

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 135–138

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The possibilities of the Computer 3D modelling in the palaeontology, comparing to the classical methods of painting and modelling are substantially wider. The Computer 3D modelling makes possible much more precise reconstructions in virtual 3D form, including more precise 3D space arrangement and rotation of the animals and plants, using of cloning of already finished objects, and, especially, an interactive environment enabling the animated "making alive" the fossil taxa, a selection of the reconstructed fossil, opening it in several layers and orientation, voice explanations surrounding the pictures and text, etc. The newly used, quite revolutionary method developed by the first author presents a substantial skip in the display methods to compare with previous solutions. All reconstructions, however, have to be carefully discussed and consulted with specialists. The main disadvantage of the new method is its temporal demanding and, especially, the financial challenge. On the other hand, the results belong to the best, which is available now for the promotion of the palaeontology but also for the palaeoecological reconstructions and analyses.