Publisher © Czech Geological Survey, ISSN: 2336-5757 (online), 0514-8057 (print)

Neogene sediments in the borehole V-4 Horní Čermná (Eastern Bohemia)


Stanislav Čech, Jiřina Čtyroká

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 16–20

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In the borehole V-4 at Horní Čermná (Eastern Bohemia), unusually thick (285 m) Neogene marginal marine sediments were found by drilling. A foraminiferal assemblage of Bulimina - Ammonia and Valvulineria biofacies was recognized in the sandstones and mudstones in the lower part of the borehole. This estuarine biofacies is a time equivalent to marine Lower Lagenidae faunas of the Lower Badenian in the Outer Foredeep and the Vienna Basin of the Central Paratethys. Overlaying sandstones and conglomerates in the upper part of the borehole represent probably a regressive bay head delta facies association. Maximum thickness of 360 m of the Neogene sediments were recognized in the vicinity of the borehole.