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The effects of Late Cenozoic tectonics in the NW part of the Milešovské středohoří Mts. relief


Jiří Dužár, Pavel Raška, Vladimír Cajz

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 75–81

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The paper presents the new results of detailed morphometric analyses of the landforms originated during Late Cenozoic tectonic activity in the NW part of the Milešovské středohoří volcanic range (SW part of the České středohoří Mts.). The morphostructural evolution and volcano-tectonic activity of the České středohoří volcanic range has been mostly considered to be predisposed by the location of this area inside the intracontinental rift structure. Our results indicate that the relief of the area is highly affected by post-volcanic tectonic activity caused by Late Cenozoic stress fields. The analyses of landforms indicate that the pattern of morpholineaments and drainage network is predisposed by tectonic structures in the NW-SE direction, perpendicular to the considered rift structure. The hypsometric integral of stream profiles range between 0.31-0.45, which denotes rather mature stage of the evolution. On the other hand, analyses of anomalies in stream profiles showed that more than 20 % of knickzones correspond to the location of faults identified during the previous geologic survey, and the analyses showed the frequent asymmetry of catchments as well. Based on the age of the best preserved Lower Pleistocene terraces, the area was most probably under the influence of post-volcanic Late Cenozoic tectonic activity at least until 1 Ma BP.