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Basal Cambrian deposits at the Mileč hill near Skryje, on the Týřovický vrch hill and a new occurrence of Cambrian sediments southwest from Hřebečníky


Tomáš Vorel

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 55–58
Map sheets: Zdice (12-32)

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The paper discusses position of the basal Cambrian sediments at the Milec hill near Skryje. The results of the new geological mapping show that the current position of outcrops of the Milec conglomerates is more influenced by geomorphology of the Milec hill massif than by tectonics. Position of the basal layers corresponds to the slope here, which in combination with the retrograde erosion causes that the Milec conglomerates descend at least at three locations along the southern slope of the Milec hill to the Berounka valley. However, these outcrops do not represent separate tectonic units, as shown on older maps. On the small hill Na průhonu, about 0.5 km SW from the Hřebecníky village, occurrences of conglomerates, greywackes and shales, lithologically corresponding to the Skryje shales, is documented for the first time. Microscopic studies of these rocks revealed presence of siliceous and lithic pebbles, of size from 0.5 to 0.7 cm. From the lithological point of view this outcrop most probably represents an earlier unknown relict of Cambrian sediments. On the Tyrovicky vrch hill, eastwards of the Hrebecniky village, the new geological mapping did not verified the earlier announced occurrence of the basal Cambrian Milec conglomerates. The sequence of Cambrian sediments here contains probably only higher stratigraphical levels of the Buchava Formation.