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Judita bridge and ferruginous sandstones “from Petřín hill“ in Prague


Jaroslav Valečka

Geoscience Research Reports 39, 2006 (GRR for 2005), pages 170–173
Map sheets: Praha (12-24)

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The Judita Bridge, built in 12th century between Lesser Town and Old Town in Prague was destroyed during great flood in 1342. Only some relics of pillars and arcs have been preserved up to present day. The Cretaceous ferruginous sandstones were used as main material for the quader masonry in the bridge relics. After contemporary opinion, these sandstones slided during Quaternary as blocks from Petřín Hill above Lesser Town. Following a lithological investigation of Cretaceous deposits preserved on the Petřín Hill this idea was dropped down. Possible provenance of these sandstones is discussed.