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Lithology of the basal Cretaceous deposits and engineering geological conditions in the foundation pit at Strahov monastery in Prague


Petr Kycl, Jaroslav Valečka

Geoscience Research Reports 39, 2006 (GRR for 2005), pages 158–160

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The detailed documentation of large foundation pit near Strahov monastery in Prague made possible to establish the detail section of basal Cretaceous deposits (Peruc Member). Claystones are main representative sediments of the Peruc Member. They contain intercalations of coal and clayey sandstones. Wash-out channel, filled with coarse ferruginous sandstones is cut in the upper part of Peruc claystones. Geodynamic structures – landslides and tectonic zone of horst type were identified. The engineering geological conditions of this respective building site are described.