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The results of the project “Assessment of the Sokolov-Karlovy Vary area affected by the coal and industrial minerals mining and rehabilitation of its basic functions” after the second year of realization


Josef Godány, Petr Hrazdíra, Petr Rambousek, Veronika Kopáčková

Geoscience Research Reports 39, 2006 (GRR for 2005), pages 69–71

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Project supported by the Ministry of Environment CR, is foccused to Sokolov-Karlovy Vary area with the world famous spa Karlovy Vary. The area has been affected by long period of open cast brown coal and kaoline mining and raw materials processing. The main goals of the project are: 1) assessment of known mining and mineral processing impacts to all parts of the geological environment (geological, structural, geochemical, pedological, hydrogeological, hydrological and geomechanical segments, 2) rehabilitation of all basic functions, based on analyses of existing and prepared land-use planing documentation, unpublished archived reports from private mining companies, new geomechanical, geochemical, hydrogeological and geological research, 3) proposal for sustainable land-use and mineral reserves exploitation strategy, 4) developing of tools for decision making support including public GIS.