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Reconstruction of the Holocene fluvial channels of the Berounka River in area between Černošice and Lahovice


Michal Rajchl, Filip Stehlík

Geoscience Research Reports 38, 2005 (GRR for 2004), pages 67–69
Map sheets: Zbraslav (12-42)

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Holocene floodplain of the Berounka River, extending between Cernosice town and Lahovice-part of Prague, is characterised by the occurrence of several relicts of the ancient fluvial channels. Based on the analysis of orthophoto-maps and using field geophysical methods, fourteen fossil channels have been reconstructed in this area. Avulsions of the channel have been interpreted as the main mechanism of distribution of the channels in space. Two causes of the avulsions have been established: i) forming and behaviour of crevasse-splay complex in SW part of the floodplain, and ii) increase of the ratio between the gradient of potential avulsion channel and the gradient of active channel (avulsion in 1829).