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A new locality of a rare Gastropod Gastrocopta theeli (West.) from Pátek near Louny


Jiří Kovanda

Geoscience Research Reports 38, 2005 (GRR for 2004), pages 59–61
Map sheets: Louny (12-12)

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The species Gastrocopta theeli (West.), exotic for us, inhabits Central and East Asia at present. It lived in our country as a rare species in the Pleistocene. It has been found only on five localities until present: at Letky near Libčice n. Vltavou, at Turold near Mikulov, in the abandoned mine Richard at Litoměřice (II), below the Ovčín hill near Lovosice and near Pavlov in southern Moravia, always in interglacial deposits. The new locality near Pátek is an alluvial sequence of the terrace located 30 m above the Ohře River WSW of this village. Gastrocopta theeli (West.) is a member of a highly developed molluscan association with climaxing interglacial elements, such as Discus perspectivus (Meg. v. Muhl.), Aegopis verticillus (Lam.) and Truncatellina claustralis (Gredler). The locality Pátek may be preliminarily dated as mid Pleistocene. Already extinct species of the same genus - Gastrocopta serotina Ložek and G. moravica (Petrbok) are also known from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Germany and France. Therefore, they are mentioned in this article as well.