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Petrological and geophysical research of the crystalline rocks between Chotěboř and Trhová Kamenice


Barbora Schulmannová, Zuzana Skácelová, Jaroslava Pertoldová, Pavel Schovánek

Geoscience Research Reports 38, 2005 (GRR for 2004), pages 42–44
Map sheets: Hlinsko (13-44)

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Petrological and geophysical study of major rock types was conducted in connection with geological mapping of the map sheet 13-443 Chotěboř at a scale 1 : 25 000. The Moldanubian gneisses, metagranites of the Kutná Hora crystalline unit and granitoids of the Železné hory pluton were analyzed on the microprobe. Comparison of lithological relations is based on mineral assemblages and mineral compositions. A new skarn body has been found near Libice nad Doubravou. Gamma-ray spectrometry measurements in the field were used for the interpretation of airborne gamma-ray spectrometry in relation to geological setting of the area.