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Map 13-131 Brandýs nad Labem – Stará Boleslav. Geology of the Middle Labe River area – preliminary results


Eva Břízová, Karel Dušek, Pavel Havlíček, Oldřich Holásek, Štěpán Manda, Radek Vodrážka

Geoscience Research Reports 38, 2005 (GRR for 2004), pages 19–22

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The bedrock in the area of the topo-sheet 13-131 Brandýs nad Labem - Stará Boleslav is represented by Middle Ordovician marine sediments (darriwilian). The Lower Palaeozoic is overlain by Cretaceous sediments (fresh-water and marine Cenomanian and marine Turonian). The fluvial terraces of Labe and Jizera Rivers are of Middle and Upper Pleistocene age. The same holds good for loess, loess loam and probably also for wind-blown sand. The overbank silts, nekron muds and bogs deposited on the floodplain and in the oxbow lakes respectively.