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Phyllonites of the southern part of the Vrbno Group


Jaroslav Aichler, David Wilimský, Vladimír Žáček, Marta Chlupáčová, Petr Mixa, Vratislav Pecina

Geoscience Research Reports 38, 2005 (GRR for 2004), pages 9–11
Map sheets: Rýmařov (14-42)

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A complex study was focused on the rocks described in a broader vicinity of the Oskava village as phyllonites. Their similar appearance, increased magnetic susceptibility and geological position along the contacts of the Devonian volcanosedimentary rocks and bodies of Cadomian metagranites and quartzo-feldspathic mylonites are common features of these mostly muscovite-chlorite rocks. Geological, petrographical, mineralogical, petrophysical a geochemical research together with the zircon typology demonstrated that the products of the Devonian dacitic, less andesitic volcanism, were the precursors of the phyllonites.