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Eocene agglutinated foraminifera and a find of Sculptobaculites barri in Krumvíř 2 Borehole in Moravia


Miroslav Bubík

Geoscience Research Reports 37, 2004 (GRR for 2003), pages 80–82
Map sheets: Hustopeče (34-21)

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Diversified and relatively unusual agglutinated foraminiferal fauna was obtained from ditch cutting sample from Krumvíř 2 Borehole. The fauna may represent a mixture of caved forms from various levels of Eocene within the Nesvačilka Formation. Sculptobaculites barri is new for Carpathians. Taxa Popovia sp. 1, Recurvoides? sp. 7 sensu Bubík (1995), Thalmannammina sp., and Globotextularia sp. 1 may be new for science.