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Planktonic microfossil Concentricystes Ross. 1962 from Neogene and (Campanian?)-Paleogene deposits of tropical and arid areas (Malaysia and Middle East)


M Konzalová

Geoscience Research Reports 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 209–210

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Specimens of Concentricystes Ross., algal planktonic microfossil incertae sedis, were recorded in palynological assemblages from the Central Kalimantan in Malaysia and Middle East. They are used as an palaeoenvironmental marker, with respect to the whole assemblage composition. Swampy and intertidal environments have been distinguished after their occurrence in terrestrial deposits, referred to the co-occurrence of other algae and higher plants. Another finds and assemblage yielding Concentricystes, recorded earlier, are bound to shales and represent environment of marine bituminous shales from eastern Middle East. Both environments, their palynomorphs and palynodebries are specified in more detail with respect to the Concentricystes evidence.