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Volcanism-related nodular-sliding textures in sediments of the Birimian Houndé Greenstone Belt in Burkina Faso, West Africa


Ferry Fediuk

Geoscience Research Reports 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 207–209

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The Houndé Greenstone Belt running in SSW-NNE direction from Ivory Coast across the western part of Burkina Faso represents among at least ten analogous units of this type the most prominent one. It is over 500 km long (half of it on the territory of Burkina Faso) and up to 30 km wide and contains several deposits tf Mn and Au. Its main rocks are volcanics mostly of andesitic composition, accompanied by shales, sandstones, quartzites and herts and intruded by granitoids. Massive lateritic cover and rank vegetation obscure the interrelation of individual rock types. Anyway, a structural borehole situated in the middle part of the belt revealed sedimentary structures interpreted as result of tremors triggered by strong volcanic activity.