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Indicator statistic of the Mníšek glaciofluvial sand and gravel


Daniel Nývlt

Geoscience Research Reports 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 93–96
Map sheets: Liberec (03-14)

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Two Nordic indicator statistic analyses were carried out from the accumulation of the Mníšek glaciofluvial sand and gravel with the use of the TGZ in combination with the circle-map method. They brought TGZ-coordinates for Mníšek and Nová Ves localities of 'fí' = 59,9°; 'lambda' = 17,0° and 'fí' = 60,4°; 'lambda' = 16,9° respectively. These results are compared with those from the wider surroundings. They show similarities with second Elsterian deposits from the Leipzig basin, Elsterian sediments from the vicinity of Wroclaw and with the Saalian proglacial accumulation close to Jeseník. The accumulation of the Mníšek glaciofluvial sand and gravel is linked with the second Elsterian glaciation, as based on the results of indicator statistics and various others studies carried out by the author. The author also points out some unsolved problems associated with the correlation of local stratigraphic systems in Czechia with those from adjacent areas of Poland and Germany. These could at least partly be solved using the Nordic indicator statistic analyses.