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Mapping of slope deformations in Vsetín area, map sheets 25-41-03 Nový Hrozenkov and 25-41-11 Valašská Polanka


Jiří Král, Ingrid Kyrianová, Jeroným Lešner

Geoscience Research Reports 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 88–89
Map sheets: Vsetín (25-41)

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The article describes a landslide mapping carried out in the year 2002 in the area of map sheet 25-41-03 Nový Hrozenkov and map sheet 25-41-11 Valašská Polanka. Both studied areas are located east of the town of Vsetín. Objective of the mapping was to locate all slope deformations, describe them and find out possible risk to residential and other objects. The article presents a short evaluation of results of geological mapping.