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Quaternary sediments in Vranov nad Dyjí – Podyjí National Park


Pavel Havlíček, Libuše Smolíková

Geoscience Research Reports 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 74–75

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The fluviatile gravels about 10 to 15 m above the river are exposed in Vranov nad Dyjí town and two loam pits. The gravel accumulation correlate apparently with the 'main terrace' developed in the valleys of other Moravian rivers like Morava, Bečva or Odra. The terrace in Vranov nad Dyjí is overlain (in ascending order) by a) solifluction clays and sands with gravel lenses, b) loess with a paleosol of the luvisol type and c) the youngest slope sediments (see picture). Analogous terrace near the water reservoir dam are overlain by a loess blanket which contains two interstadial and one interglacial paleosol horizons.