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Find of flora in Tertiary sediments near Karlštejn


Karel Žák, Vasilis Teodoridis, Jakub Sakala

Geoscience Research Reports 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 47–49
Map sheets: Beroun (12-41)

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A small relict of Tertiary fluvial sediments covers an area of about 1 km2 near Karlštejn, 25 km SE of Prague. Paleontological dating of sediments was missing until now. The sediments have been attributed either to the Pliocene, based on the lithological similarity. The recent find abundant flora impressions in a clay intercalation, and a piece of silicified wood in a sandy horizon, is similar to floras of 'Hlavačov gravel and sand' near Rakovník, Klínec near Všenory, and Sulava near Černošice. The found flora remnants indicate the sedimentation of Tertiary fluvial sediments near Karlštejn during the Late Oligocene/Early Miocene.