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New data on the Doupovské hory Cenozoic formations


Petr Hradecký

Geoscience Research Reports 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 21–22
Map sheets: Kadaň (11-22)

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The area of the NW part of the Doupovské hory was studied within the Project of regional mapping at l : 25 000 scale. Both sedimentary and volcanic Cenozoic formations make up a part of the area located S of the Krušné hory crystalline massif. Paleogene quartzitic sandstone was documented in a likely tectonic position near the Korunní village, Miocene volcanoclastic and sedimentary sequences crop out in the E of the area. Volcanic rocks of ?Eocene-Lower Miocene age regionally belong to the Doupov complex and to the Ohře volcanotectonic zone. Lower part corresponds to the explosive activity of several volcanic centers, most of them situated on linear vents. Upper part is composed mostly of products of effusive activity, which was associated with central Doupov crater and with various local volcanic centers. The rocks suite is rather monotonous with abundance of basaltic (tephrites) and foiditic (analcimite, nephelinite) lavas. Trachytic rocks are very rare and found only in the volcanotectonic Ohře zone.