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Report on the biostratigraphic study of the Cretaceous in the Outer Western Carpathians in the year 2001 (Czech and Slovak Republics)


Zdeněk Vašíček, Petr Skupien

Geoscience Research Reports 35, 2002 (GRR for 2001), pages 80–82

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In the course of grant project GAČR 205/00/0985 we carried out supplementary collections in two Lower Cretaceous localities of the Klippen belt in Slovakia - Revišné (Late Valanginian) and Rochovica (Hauterivian to Albian). We determined the collected ammonites and aptychi, processed and evaluated noncalcareous dinoflagellates. In the Silesian Unit we documented primarily the section through the Těšín Limestone in the locality of Jahodná at Horní Líštná and continued documenting the section on the stream named Bystrý potok at Trojanovice. According to calpionellids in thin sections, the studied Těšín Limestone belongs to the Early to Late Berriasian. Pelitic deposits in the underlying of sandstone flysch of the Godula Formation at the Bystrý potok belong, according to dinocysts, to the Late Turonian, or the Early Coniacian.