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New biostratigraphic knowledge of Lower Cretaceous formations of the Manín Unit (Strážovské vrchy, Central Western Carpathians)


Petr Skupien, Zdeněk Vašíček

Geoscience Research Reports 35, 2002 (GRR for 2001), pages 69–70

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New studies of Lower Cretaceous carbonate formations and marlstones of the Butkov Formation of the Manín Unit in the Butkov quarry of the Central Western Carpathians enables to corelate ammonite and dinocysts of the following ammonite zones: the Early Valanginian (Campylotoxus Zone), the Late Valanginian (upper part of the Trinodosum Zone), the Late Hauterivian (Baleris Zone and the base of the Angulicostata Zone), the Early Barremian (along the boundary between the Nicklesi Zone and the Compresissima Zone). According to the dinocysls, deposits corresponding to two late Albian ammonite zones (Inflatun and Dispar) have been successfully distinguished. The quantitative composition of the dinoflagellate cyst assemblages reflects both the inner neritic environment in the Valanginian and Early Barremian and the basinal environment in the Albian.