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Tectonic slices of metamorphic rocks in the sub-Silesian unit of the flysch Carpathians


Pavel Černý, Arnošt Dudek

Geoscience Research Reports 35, 2002 (GRR for 2001), pages 18–20

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During excavations for a pipe-line N of Příbor (Moravia) outcrops of metamorphic rocks were found in the flysch complexes. Partly regressed fine-grained garnet biotite-muscovite gneisses are cut by dykes of garnet bearing biotite-muscovite granodiorite aplite and garnet bearing muscovite pegmatite. The strike and slip of the metamorphics is nearly identical in the length more than 1300 m and the rocks cannot be interpreted as slip blocks in conglomerate layers of the flysch. They are most probably tectonic slices in the frontal part of the sub-Silesian nappe of the flysch Carpathians. their derivation remains unclear, they differ from the higher grade metamorphics of the brunovistulian basement known from deep drilling under the flysch nappes.