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Contact metamorphism of graphite gneiss in the domain of Knížecí Stolec durbachite pluton


Stanislav Vrána

Geoscience Research Reports 46, 2013 (GRR for 2012), pages 240–243

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Graphite gneiss found in area of amphibole-biotite melanocratic granitoid pluton (durbachite) contains skeletal diopside-K-feldspar aggregates or spherules interpreted as crystallized from small volumes of partial melt. Late low-temperature crystallization produced radiating aggregates of prehnite indicating interval of 240-380 °C. Comparison of whole-rock composition with 18 analyses of graphite gneiss from the Český Krumlov area indicates a close compositional similarity. The graphite gneiss found as a loose piece was probably brought to the surface by the durbachite intrusion.