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Lower Cretaceous stable carbon isotopes of organic matter from the Silesian Unit (Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic)


Alexandra Smaržová, Petr Skupien

Geoscience Research Reports 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 252–255

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Organic carbon content and stable organic carbon isotopes were studied in the section across the outcrop of anoxic sediments situated in the vicinity of Pindula Saddle near Frenštát pod Radhoštěm (Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic). Barremian to lower Cenomanian basinal pelitic deposits of the Godula development (Silesian Unit of the Western Carpathians) are exposed here. TOC values in the black shales of the Late Aptian age are relatively high (3 to 3.5%). The 813C isotopic values of organic matter in mudstones show positive excursions in the upper part of the Hradiště Formation (lower Aptian, OAE 1a), the uppermost part of the Hradiště Formation and the lower part of the Veřovice Formation (upper Aptian, OAE 1b).