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Granodiorites of the redwitzite suite from the drill hole HU-15 in the Horní Slavkov area


Miloš René

Geoscience Research Reports 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 245–247
Map sheets: Sokolov (11-23)

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Biotite granodiorites belonging to the redwitzite suite of the Western Bohemian massif occur as small bodies in metasediments of the Slavkov crystalline unit. Granodiorites contain plagioclase (An27-37), K-feldspar, biotite (Fe-phlogopite to Mg-siderophyllite), quartz and accessories (apatite, zircon). Chlorite, titanite, ilmenite and REE-carbonates are part of secondary assemblage originated by breakdown of biotite. Granodiorites show I-type signature, in comparison with related rocks from the Hrušková and Bečov area enrichment in Sr and depletion in Ni, Cr and V.