Publisher © Czech Geological Survey, ISSN: 2336-5757 (online), 0514-8057 (print)

Geophysical tracing and petrologic characteristic of Permian "melaphyre" at the southern termination of the Orlice Basin near the village of Přední Arnoštov


Lukáš Krmíček, Antonín Přichystal, Vojtěch Šešulka

Geoscience Research Reports 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 229–232
Map sheets: Jevíčko (24-21)


Based on a geophysical study performed by ground Cs-magnetometer, we cannot confirm the presence of considered hidden "melaphyric" body in the Orlice Basin in the vicinity of Přední Arnoštov, district of Svitavy. The volcanic rock occurs only as pebbles in clastic rocks probably of Autunian age. Prevalent subrounded shapes of quartz-free volcanite pebbles suggest relatively short transport. Mineralogical and geochemical composition of the rock is overprinted by intensive adularisation and corresponds to olivine-bearing alkali feldspar trachyte. Geotectonic position of the rock is connected with an Early Permian extensional gravitational collapse.