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A correlation of radon in deeper bedrock and indoor radon in rock types generalized after the new geological map of the Czech Republic 1 : 500 000


Ivan Barnet, Petra Pacherová

Geoscience Research Reports 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 189–191

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A correlation of soil gas Rn data (8,544, Czech Geological Survey) and 92,275 indoor Rn data (National Radiation Protection Institute) was performed in 29 generalised rock types, delineated after the new vectorized geological map of the Czech Republic 1 : 500,000 without Quaternary sediments. A higher linear regression coefficient R = 0,96 was reached for mean concentrations soil gas - indoor Rn, compared to calculations using medians of Rn concentrations. Six rock types were excluded from ArcGIS 9.3. processing due to statistically non-sufficient number of data. The correlation has proved the close relationship of radon in deeper geological basement and indoor Rn and confirmed the low barrier effect of Quaternary sediments on radon transport from underlying rocks. The results will contribute to construction of probabilistic radon maps for administrative units of the Czech Republic.