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Palaeontological research in the Carboniferous in the surrounding of Jesenice (Žihle Basin)


Zbyněk Šimůnek, Richard Lojka, Jaroslav Zajíc, Jana Drábková

Geoscience Research Reports 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 163–166
Map sheets: Jesenice (12-13)

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The Stephanian flora and fauna was collected in three localities of the sheet-map Jesenice (Žihle Basin). Hředle Member of the Slaný Formation contains rarely in Krty and Jesenice only indeterminable plant debris, axes and seeds, whereas the same member yielded allochthonous assemblage with some xerophyllous elements: conifers, cordaites and rare sphenopsids and pteridosperms; and nearby a rather different assemblage with dominance of ferns (Acitheca polymorpha). Conifer Walchia cf. goeppertiana is a new species for Slaný Formation. Rich palynological assemblage with dominance of monosaccate and bisaccate pollen grains representing upland flora was found in the "Velečín" locality. Fauna was described from this region and basin for the first time.