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Palynomorph assemblages fromsilica sandstones of Upper Turonian age from Holany


Marcela Svobodová, Jiří Novák

Geoscience Research Reports 42, 2009 (GRR for 2008), pages 114–117

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A well preserved and diversified palynomorph assemblage was ascertained (especially in sandy pelitic sample with a rich organic admixture). Marine elements prevailed in all three studied samples. The composition of dinoflagellate cysts is comparable to that found in hemipelagic deposits of the Úpohlavy section - channel. Both biostratigraphically important angiosperm pollen of the Normapolles group - Trudopollis, Plicapollis, Minorpollis, and dinocyst species Chatangiella tripartite and Xenascus sarjeanti indicate the Upper Turonian age.