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Foraminiferalassemblage of calcareous marls facies of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin to the north of Jičín


Lenka Hradecká

Geoscience Research Reports 42, 2009 (GRR for 2008), pages 94–96
Map sheets: Jičín (03-43)

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Study of the foraminiferal assemblage of the hemipelagic marls and carbonated sediments in the eastern part of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin has showed the difference in the character of assemblage both of western and eastern facies of Jizera Formation. The shallow-water eastern facies contains relatively poor foraminiferal assemblage where benthos is prevailing. Cassidella tegulata, Bolivinopsis praelonga, Gaudryina serrata, Tappanina eouvigeriniformis, Praebulimina crebra, Pyramidina turonica, and Frondicularia verneuiliana are typical Turonian species in this region. Plankton is mainly represented by specimens of genera Hedbergella and Whiteinella.