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Palynological and micropaleontological research of Upper Pleistocene sediments from the sand pit near Písty


Lenka Hradecká, Eva Břízová, Pavel Havlíček, Marcela Svobodová

Geoscience Research Reports 41, 2008 (GRR for 2007), pages 120–123
Map sheets: Nymburk (13-14)

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During palynological study of Upper Pleistocene fluvial sandy clay from the Písty sand pit redeposited Upper Cretaceous spores, dinocysts and foraminifera were found. Dinoflagellate cysts of Raetiaedinium truncigerum, Heterosphaeridium verdieri, Isabelidinium sp. correspond to the Turonian age. Foraminiferal redeposition is from the Middle Turonian sediments with characteristic species Bolivinopsis praelonga, Globorotalites turonica and others. Tests of foraminiferal species are mostly reworked by transport. The preservation of calcareous foraminiferal tests in the palynological slides is very unusual due to their unexpected resistence to acids.