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Quaternary sediments in surroundings of Písty sand pit (sheet 13-141 Nymburk)


Pavel Havlíček, Oldřich Holásek

Geoscience Research Reports 40, 2007 (GRR for 2006), pages 62–63
Map sheets: Nymburk (13-14)

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Most of the area of the sheet is covered with Quaternary sediments that are of Upper Pleistocene and Holocene age. The Upper Pleistocene terrace of the Labe river is dominant, covered in large extent with wind-blown sands with partly dune morphology. Fluvial sands of this accumulation have locally a thickness up to 17 m, aeolian sands are 6-10 m thick. Sediments in the flood plain of the Labe river are generally to 8 m and exceptionally up to 15 m thick.