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Blatnička - the important section in the Magura flysch for investigations of the Paleocene/Eocene Boundary Event in deep-sea sub-CCD environment


Miroslav Bubík, Marie Adamová, Eva Franců, Juraj Franců, Przemyslaw Gedl, Lilian Švábenická

Geoscience Research Reports 34, 2001 (GRR for 2000), pages 11–15

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The changes in the Paleocene/Eocene boundary were studied in the sub-CCD flysch facies of the Bílé Karpaty Unit at Blatnička. A detailed taphonomic and sedimentologic analysis of selected turbidite rhythm revealed a bioturbation of at least upper 11 cm of turbidite marls and indicated the CCD drop for a relatively long period after deposition of the turbidite. Preliminary results of the biostratigraphic study (calcareous nannofossils, aglutinated foraminifera) enabled to assign the studied 17 m thick section to upper part of the Paleocene/Eocene boundary interval. Palynologie study evidenced the presence of Apectodinium, sp. acme. Preliminary geochemical analysis evidenced oxygenated environment and increasing redox potential trend up the section.