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Palaeobotanical research near Žacléř in the quarries No.2, 3 and 4 (Carboniferous, Czech Republic)


Zbyněk Šimůnek, Milan Libertín

Geoscience Research Reports 34, 2001 (GRR for 2000), pages 48–49
Map sheets: Trutnov (03-42)

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During the year 2000, palaeobotanical research was continued in quarries Žacléř 2, 3 and 4, where the 10th and 9th upper coal seams of the Šverma coal field of the Lampertice Member, Žacléř Formation (Duckmantian) was quarried. An allochtonous plant assemblage of supposed levee and its surroundings is known from the flood sediments in the seat rocks of the 10th coal seam Manifestation of forest fires comes from the seat rocks of 9th coal seam (remnants of charcoal). An assemblages of the peat-forming lycophytes accompanied by other species is known from the roof of the 9th coal seam. These accompanying plants (e.g. Paripteris gigantea, Mariopteris muricata, Pecopteris plumosa and Sphenophyllum cuneifolium) substitute the peat-forming vegetation higher up in the section. The floral record ends by a conglomerate about 3m above the coal seam with lying lycophyte trunks. Lycophyte upright trunks up to 1.5 m in height are also present above the 9th coal seam.