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Report on geological survey of the Miocene on the map 1:25 000 34-222 Vracov


Pavel Čtyroký

Geoscience Research Reports 33, 2000 (GRR for 1999), pages 20–21
Map sheets: Hodonín (34-22)

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The new revision of the survey on the sheet 1:25 000 34-222 Vracov (Moravia, N rim of the Vienna Basin) confirmed the results of the previous survey of ČTYROKÝ (1975). From that time the new deep oil- well Ježov-1 proved the proposed existence of Ježov-faults, functioning mainly during Sarmatian. The survey paid also an attention to fluviatile gravel deposits with rich redeposited fossils of Badenian up to Pannonian zone E, marked by ČTYROKÝ (1975) as ?Pontian. Their origin should be connected with sudden tectonic events along the N rim of the Vienna Basin and a massive erosion of the Miocene fossiliferous strata.