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New informations on the Ždánice Unit on the map sheet 34-221 Kyjov obtained during field season 1999


Miroslav Bubík, Lilian Švábenická

Geoscience Research Reports 33, 2000 (GRR for 1999), pages 10–12
Map sheets: Hodonín (34-22)

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During the revision mapping and shallow drilling on the map sheet 1:25 000 Kyjov, the Zagórz Limestone horizon was recognised near Stavěšice Village as a new lithostratigraphic unit for the Carpathian Flysch on Czech territory. Calcareous nannofossils of the NP24 Zone with dominance of Cyclicargolithus floridanus-abisectus documented the age at the late Kiscellian/Early Egerian transition. The Zagórz Limestone is useful for correlation and its position within the Ždánice-Hustopeče Formation in the study area indicates diachronic appearance of turbidite (Krosno) lithofacies from East to West. Shallow drillings help substantially to delimine the Bulhary Fault and to understand the tectonic features of the Čejč-Zaječí Zone. All landslides and the Vienna basin remnants on the Ždánice Unit were revised. In the Želetice area the pediment was recognised.