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Institute of Petrology and Structural Geology of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague

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Mgr. (M.Sc.) in Geochemistry (1991), Charles University, Prague
PhD. in Geochemistry (1994), University of Glasgow, Scotland
Certified irish whisky taster (1999), Bushmills, Northern Ireland
PostDoctoral Research Felon,  Institut für Mineralogie, Universität Salzburg (2002-2005)
Permit for using crusher BB-3 in room H-1 (2007)

Research interests

  • peetrology, geochemistry and petrogenesis of granitoid rocks
  • geochemistry and genesis of Variscan granulites
  • Rb–Sr and Sm–Nd geochronology (magmatic as well as metamorphic rocks)
  • Sr and Nd isotopes in petrogenetic studies
  • strontium chemostratigraphy
  • numerical modelling in igneous geochemistry, computing in geosciences (Rlanguage, programme GCDkit:

References to peer-reviewed papers

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prior to 2000

Matějka D. & Janoušek V. (1998): Whole-rock geochemistry and petrogenesis of granites from the northern part of the MoldanubianBatholith (Czech Republic). Acta Universitatis Carolinae, Geologica 42, 73–79.

Janoušek V., Rogers G., Bowes D.R., Vaňková V. (1997): Cryptic trace-element variation as an indicator of reverse zoning in a granitic pluton:the Říčany granite, Czech Republic. Journal of the Geological Society, London 154, 807–815.

Janoušek V., Rogers G., Bowes D.R. (1995): Sr–Nd isotopic constraints on the petrogenesis of the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic. Geologische Rundschau 84, 520–534.

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In case you are intererested in geochemical software, Geochemical Data Toolkit, or in short GCDkit, a freeware system for recalculation of whole-rock geochemical data is available to download from the server of the Computing Service of the University in Glasgow.

Please note that the version 2.3 has been released in May 2008.

Below are some Picassa webalbums of mine, the first having resulted from my six-week trip to Japan (central Honshu and Kyushu).


The second is about charming Salzburg and its pretty surroundings, where I was living for three years.

Salzburger Land

The third photo set concerns the central part of the Azores archipelago, one of the most beautiful and interesting places I have ever visited. This is a presentation I had in June 2010 for the Volcanic Studies Group of the Czech Geological Society.

Azory OSV 24.6.2010

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