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Mgr. Filip Oulehle, Ph.D.
Česká geologická služba
Geologická 6
152 00 Praha 5
tel: +420251085431
Dr. Filip Oulehle
Czech Geological Survey
Geologická 6
152 00 Praha 5
tel: +420251085431
fax: +420251818748

Academic achievements


2002-2006      Ph.D. at Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Mineral Resources, Charles University, Prague


Theme of dissertation thesis:

Tree species influence on soil acidification; long-term trends and modeling.


1997-2002      M.Sc. at Institute for Environmental Studies, Charles University, Prague


Professional experience


2012-present  Biogeochemist with the Department of Biogeochemistry - Czech Geological Survey, Prague

2012               Biogeochemist - Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Bangor, UK

2010-2011      Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow - Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Bangor, UK

2005- 2009     Biogeochemist with the Department of Biogeochemistry - Czech Geological Survey, Prague


Research interests


environmental biogeochemistry, biogeochemistry of forested ecosystems, biogeochemistry of arctic ecosystems, hydrochemistry, acidification, nitrogen cycle, carbon cycle, S/N/C interactions,  biogeochemical modelling


List of participation in research projects


2014-2016      Czech Science Foundation (CSF) grant: "Acidity and nutrient constraints on soil organic matter balance and nitrogen saturation in forest soils". (

2009-2010      Marie Curie Initial Stage Training Network Award – NSINK

2007-2009      Czech Science Foundation (CSF) grant: “Liming influence on base cations availability and transformations of organic matter in forest ecosystem.” – principal investigator.

2007-2011      Czech Science Foundation (CSF) grant: “Soil acidification in low polluted natural forests: Evaluation of present situation and prediction of future development.” – I have been involved as a co-investigator between 2007 and 2009

2005-2009      EU FP6 project Euro-limpacs. Co-investigator - ( environment/integration/research/newsalert/pdf/107na3.pdf)


List of participation in conferences, workshops…(most recent)


2011                Marie Curie Actions: NSink Final Meeting: “Integrative modeling of N cycle in the high Arctic.”

2011                Invited speaker at the CLIMMANI/INTERFACE workshop: “Major changes in forest carbon and nitrogen cycling caused by declining sulphur deposition”

2011                Acid Rain 2011: “Modelling of the soil acidification and N saturation in the primeval spruce forest in the Eastern Carphatians” – abstract submitted by Filip Oulehle, talk presented by Jakub Hruska

2010                CAPER meeting: “Fate and impacts of acute atmospheric nitrogen deposition in high Arctic terrestrial ecosystems: a multidisciplinary approach.” – co-author of the poster presentation.

2009                Biogeomon: “Deposition fluxes, soil and soil solution chemistry in primeval mountain broadleaves forest, Zakarpattia, Ukraine”. – poster presentation

2009                Keel conference: “Trends of aluminium concentration and acidity of soil solution at highly acidified spruce stand in Ore Mts.” – poster presentation


List of other professional activities


Reviewer for:


Biogeochemistry; Geoderma; Global Change Biology; Environmental Pollution; Environmental Science and Technology; JGR-Biogeosciences; Science of the Total Environment; Water, Air and Soil Pollution; Journal of Environmental Management


Member of:


CZ-IALE: Czech Association for Landscape Ecology

CSPE: Czech Ecological Society


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