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Inventory of hazardous waste facilities

Act No. 157/2009, on mining waste management and amending certain acts, which implements the provisions of Directive 2006/21/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 March 2006 on the management of waste from extractive industries and amending Directive 2004/35/EC.went into effect on 7 March 2009. In connection with the provisions of the act, the Ministry of the Environment charged the Czech Geological Survey with identifying and classifying closed and abandoned mining waste facilities posing serious environmental and health hazards and with maintaining an Inventory of Hazardous Waste Facilities. The inventory was made available to the public on 1 May 2012 and contains basic data on sites that pose a serious threat to the evironment or that may in the short or long term threaten the environment or human health. The inventory data are continuously updated.

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Map of hazardous waste facilities


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