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Mining waste

Task of the State geological survey (SGS), carried out as authorized by the Ministry of the Environment (MoE):

Survey of closed and abandoned minig waste facilities, posing a serious threat to the environment and human health by virtue of Act No. 157/2009, on mining waste management. The Czech Geological Survey (CGS) maintains their inventory, which was made available to the public in the Czech Republic on 1 May 2012.

Mining waste has been inventoried in the Czech Republic since 2001, when the MoE discussed the possibility of developing a mine waste dumps database. Data began to be collected in 2002. The database structure was modified and expanded in 2006, and renamed the Mining waste database, which includes the following types of sites:

  • Active heaps
  • Tailing ponds
  • Inactive heaps
  • Placers
  • Spoil heaps
  • Overburden
  • Mining waste sites

The database serves to provide basic data on monitored features and links to other similar sites, such as mine workings, abandoned mine lands, mineral deposits and mining leases.

In 2002-2009, the MoE contracted professional companies to survey individual areas (e.g. districts). The obtained information was then verified and added to the CGS Information System. It also includes digital documentation in *.jpg format – e.g. map sections, photographs, diagrams.

In 2009, the former Czech Geological Survey-Geofond (CGS-Geofond) proposed the project Identification and classification of closed and abandoned waste facilities posing serious environmental and health hazards as part of the Operational Programme Environment, priority axis 6: Improving the state of nature and landscape (ERDF), primary area of intervention 6.6: Prevention of landslides and rock avalanches, monitoring of geofactors and impacts of mining activities, and assessment of non-renewable natural resources including groundwater resources. The project was approved and registered on 15 June 2010 under approval number 10062046. The primary aim of the project is to create an Inventory of mining waste facilities of the Czech Republic. The inventory also includes a separate Inventory of hazardous waste facilities, which records and provides access to exact data on closed and abandoned waste facilities, which pose or may pose a serious threat to the environment and human health. The project deadline is 31 December 2012.


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