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Protection of mineral deposits

The Czech Geological Survey (CGS) compiles maps of protected mineral deposits at 1 : 50 000 scale according to Act No. 62/1988, on geological work (hereinafter the "Geological Act"), and according to Act No. 44/1988, on the protection and use of mineral resources (hereinafter the "Mining Act"). The maps depict identified reserved mineral deposits protected according to the Mining Act and probable deposits in areas with specific geological structures as defined by the Geological Act.

Authorized state, regional and municipal authorities that are responsible for land-use planning and building codes, as well as providers of land-use planning documents and building authorities are obliged to take the records on identified and probable mineral deposits into account, and to propose the most suitable land-use strategies with regard to the protection and use of mineral resources and other legally protected interests.

In the case of reserved mineral deposits, land-use planning authorities must make land-use decisions according to the Mining Act.

In the case of probable mineral deposits (prognostic resources), land-use planning authorities can make land-use decisions according to the Geological Act.

Prior consent by the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) is not needed for land-use decisions regarding the following structures:

  • structures in built-up areas built according to Act No. 183/2006, on land-use planning and the building code;
  • temporary buildings, not exceeding an expected lifetime of 20 years.

The maps of protected mineral deposits are prepared by the CGS as data outputs of the Mineral Information System. The maps are issued in sets covering the territory of individual regions and are updated regularly every three years. They depict all reserved mineral deposits, probable mineral deposits (prognostic resources), valid mining leases, protected deposit areas and protected areas with specific underground facilities. Based on a ruling of the Commission for Evaluating Prognostic Resources of Minerals and Groundwater of the MoE, the maps of protected deposit areas include only registered prognostic resources that comply with the Geological Act. These registered prognostic resources are coded as P9 for reserved minerals and R9 for non-reserved minerals.

Non-reserved mineral deposits, other prognostic resources (classified as registered), areas with negative exploration results, and non-prospective areas and occurrences are not depicted on the maps of protected mineral deposits

All features listed above are stored in the Mineral Information System of the CGS and their basic data are freely available - see Territory Data application. Specific data for selected areas may be obtained in the form of thematic outputs.

The maps depict additional information such as the boundaries of national parks (NP) and protected landscape areas (CHKO). (The relevant NP and CHKO administrations are authorized to make rulings on land development projects.) The set of maps is accompanied by an explanatory text and summary tables for individual map sheets.

The format of map and text outputs for land-use planning authorities was agreed to by the MoE. In addition to this standard output, the CGS provides specific data upon request.


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