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Mineral information system

The Mineral information system (SurIS) collects and provides various comprehensive data on the mineral potential of the Czech Republic. It contains the following databases:

  • Mineral deposits database including the following subregisters:
    • Registered reserved deposits (subregister B)
    • Registered non-reserved deposits (subregister D)
    • Other unregistered mineral resources (subregister N)
    • Approved prognostic resources of reserved minerals (subregister P)
    • Approved prognostic resources of non-reserved minerals (subregister R)
    • Other registered prognostic resources (subregister Q)
    • Negative exploration results, non-prospective areas and mineral occurrences (mineral accumulations not defined by the Mining Act) (subregister V)
    • Cancelled and exhausted deposits (subregisters Z, U).
  • Protected deposit areas database
  • Mining leases database
  • Database of preliminary mining lease approvals
  • Exploration areas database
  • Spatial features database
  • Economic data
  • Administrative databases
    • Database of organizations
    • Database of approvals and cancellation of reserves

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