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Abandoned mine lands

Task of the State Geological Survey (SGS), as arising from laws and legal regulations:

Maintaining an Abandoned Mine Lands Database according to Act No. 62/1988, on geological work. These areas may influence the preparation of land-use plans and may affect the environment. The Czech Geological Survey (CGS) provides information on geohazards to state and local authorities, and land-use planning authorities for the purpose of preparing land-use analysis documents.

The Abandoned Mine Lands Database was developed in 1983 - 1985. Expert reports and assessments are used to continuously update the data and maps. The inventory is maintained by the office in Kutná Hora, where data sheets, maps and literature are stored as well. Other documents including expert assessments and reports are stored in the Geofond Archive.

Maps of abandoned mine lands are compiled regularly and provided to state and local authorities for land-use planning purposes. Individual entries of abandoned mine lands on maps are depicted as points or polygons:

  • Points represent either individual mine workings (e.g. shafts, short adits or adits of unknown course and extent, galleries) or larger areas underlain by mine workings, whose detailed location and extent cannot be determined more precisely from available information.
  • Polygons include areas where underground mine workings driven for mining or mineral exploration purposes are known or assumed to exist. The mine workings in such areas are not evenly spread, lie at various depths, and may also include completely non-undermined sections.

The areas impacted by mining are usually smaller than the extent of map depictions, and detailed information on specific localities should be requested from the Kutná Hora office.


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